“I had gained 127 pounds…and on Dr. Martin’s program I lost it all & more. My medical doctor (MD) said he’s definitely seen a miracle and that I would have been dead had I not gone to Club Reduce Sarasota.” Kathy B. Danby, Vermont


“I’ve lost 29 pounds. My energy has increased dramatically. A lot of my friends, acquaintances have noticed my changes. My blood pressure is better and I feel better than I have in years!!” Mitch F. Palm Harbor, FL

“I began the Accelerated Weight Loss Program 6 weeks ago. I lost 22 pounds and 5 1/2 % body fat in 40 days. It’s the only diet I’ve found that took off the inches and the fat where I wanted to lose it. I have energy, feel stronger and love the results so does my husband! The staff at Club Reduce Sarasota are very informative and have answers to any question or concern I have. It was an easy diet for me to stay on because I was motivated by seeing results each morning when I weighed myself. It’s truly the best diet I’ve ever tried!” Marcia Y. Sarasota, FL

“I have been 30 pounds over weight for over 15 years. Nothing I have tried over the years worked until I did Dr. Martin’s Advanced Weight Loss program. I lost 36 pounds in a couple of months! Amazing! I feel great and would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight. It’s safe, quick and easy. Check out Dr. Martin’s program, it works!” Pam R. Sarasota, FL

“I’ve recommended this program to others because I felt satisfied and I wasn’t hungry at all. Also I liked the program because the menu was easy to follow, the foods were simple and mostly because I lost 31 lbs in 42 days!!” M. Schmucker Bonduel, WI

“I am very happy with my weight loss results, I lost 37 lbs in 45 days! The program is very easy to follow. I’m in a better mood and have less food cravings. Others have noticed that I’m getting slimmer and I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to lose weight.” S. A. Beachy Timewell, IL

“In only 42 days I lost a total of 36 lbs!! Staying on and following the program is super easy. Since I started the program I am sleeping so much better now, plus I have a lot more energy too. I’m so pleased with my weight loss results, I have encouraged my daughter to start on the program right away.” P. Mast Bonduel, WI

“I was on Dr. Martin’s weight loss program for 9 weeks. During that time, not only did I get rid of 35 lbs, but my mind is not as foggy and my blood pressure is down now! Others are very excited for me and can see the changes I’ve made. ‘It works and it’s fairly easy to follow’ is what I’ve told everyone. I am very much pleased with how much progress I’ve made.” N. Stutzman Baltic, OH