Self Mastery Technology

Discover What You Can Achieve When You Dare To RELAX!

How long have you dreamed of having a trim, fit body… kicking your smoking habit for good… living your life stress free… gaining freedom for your chronic pain… or otherwise changing your life? What if you discovered a way to achieve your goals in just a few minutes a day? Well, now you can with an exciting new program called Self-Mastery technology.

The power of the mind is nothing new to science. Doctors have known for decades that the mind has the power to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, overcome phobias, accelerate learning and enhance athletic performance. The only problem was finding a way to harness that potential.

But now there’s ZenFrames, a new technology based on the research of the world’s leading universities. ZenFrames uses synchronized pulses of light and sound to deeply relax you while promoting optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus and memory. While the lights and tones soothe you, Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) audio-sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release unwanted habits to get more of what you want out of life. And, because the effects are cumulative, there is virtually no limit to how good you can feel or what you can achieve!



Self Mastery Technology — 8,344 Comments

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