Bio-Impedance Analysis “BIA”


Bio Impedance

Bio Impedance is a term used to describe the response of a living organism to an externally applied electric current. It is a measure of the resistance to the flow of that electric current through the tissues. The measurement of the bio impedance (or bioelectrical impedance) of the humans and animals has proved useful as a non-invasive method for measuring such things as blood flow and body composition (known as bioelectrical impedance analysis or simply BIA).


BIA allows the practitioner to visualize your organs and system’s homeostasis (balance) depending on your environment (lifestyle, nutrition, psychological problems…)


BIA is a widely acknowledged method of measuring the relative amount of body fat against lean muscle mass. BIA helps to determine a realistic measure relating to your picture of health and well-being. It also provides assistance in planning goals for weight management. It has been beneficial for people that want to achieve a better body balance for health improvement and prevention of sickness or dis-ease.


BIA gives important information to your practitioner on your metabolism, cellular health, hydration, toxicity etc. Combining this information allows your practitioner to develop specific individualized nutritional and or exercise programs suited to your personal needs.



Body Composition Analysis: Indicates your body’s percentage of muscle and fat. This is very

important factor because the more body fat you have means the more inflammation you

have throughout your body. When inflammation is increased there’s a significant

probability for a number of dis-eases to occur. For example: heart dis-ease may develop,

because inflammation stresses the key parts of your body’s defenses. Your liver, immune

system, endocrine system, brain all are affected when inflammation is increased.



Bio-Impedance Analysis “BIA” — 5,045 Comments

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